Guatemala Hunapu

Guatemala Hunapu


A favorite coffee for autumn, this coffee is sweet and not overly bright. It is a great cup to wake up to as the weather transitions. 

Hunapu means “mountain flower” in the K’iche language (the most widespread of the indigenous languages in Guatemala) and it is also the indigenous name for Vulcan de Agua, a volcano located near the city of Antigua. At the foot of the volcano, the processing mill Bella Vista is located. Bella Vista is a farm and a wet and dry mill.

Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora is the fourth generation in his family to be working in the coffee business. The Zelaya family’s first farm was Carmona, followed by Bella Vista, which where the wet, dry mill facilities, and Zelcafé staff offices were later built and are currently located.

Flavor Notes: Apple, Toffee, Orange

Roast Level: Medium

Process: Washed

Variety: Mixed

Recommended Brew Method: Aeropress, V60, Chemex, Espresso, French Press

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