Uganda Kisinga Natural

Product image 1Uganda Kisinga Natural - Third Wave Coffee
Product image 2Uganda Kisinga Natural - Third Wave Coffee

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12oz (340g)

Flavor Notes: Grape soda, cocoa butter, graham crackers

Natural Process - Light 

This Ugandan comes from the Rwenzori mountains on the western side of the country. The altitude is ideal for coffee at 2,100 MASL. There’s a good deal of quality control at the Kisinga station ensuring only ripe cherries make it to the final product. 

This is one of the more unique naturals we have currently, if you’ve had our Colombian natural from Rodrigo Peleaz and the Ethiopia Shantawene it’s somewhere in between the two with the level of fermentation and clean fruit flavors. 

What you can expect is a cup that is lively, very fruited with a flavor similar to Fanta grape soda with some graham cracker notes and also some cocoa butter. It’s overall a great natural and we are excited to finally have another coffee from Uganda in our rotation. 

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