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12oz / 340g

We Taste: Caramel Apple, Orange, Cocoa

Starless is our year round light roast staple.  This blend changes with the seasons but we always aim for a cup that is dense in sweetness, easy to drink and medium body.

Currently our starless has notes of caramel, apples, sweet citrus, and dark chocolate. The body is medium, the complexity is medium high, and acidity is lower than our lighter roasts but there’s still some good citrus present as the cup cools. As the cup changes in temperature we taste chocolate and caramel sweetness making way for some red apple and orange. Reminds us currently of caramel apples and chocolate oranges which we feel is incredibly fitting for this time of year.

Our current blend is composed of Brazil Mogiana, Guatemala Colmenita, and Burundi Kayanza Experimental Process.


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