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12oz | 340g

Flavor Notes: Strawberry, Grape, Sugar Cookie

Process: Mixed Process

Roast Level: Medium

Mexico Chiapas - Belisario

Situated in the southern part of Chiapas, the Belisario region is characterized by lush landscapes, picturesque mountains, and abundant flora and fauna. Washed coffee production in the Belisario region of Mexico is a testament to the dedication and expertise of local farmers, resulting in exceptional quality and distinct flavors. The area's close proximity to Guatemala means it shares in its volcanic soil and ideal climate for coffee-growing.

Coffees in this area are hand-picked and undergo a meticulous washing process, carefully monitored throughout fermentation, and dried on a mix of raised beds and patios. 

Mexico Veracruz - Huatusco Extended Fermentation w/ Starter Culture

The transformation of coffee cherry to a green coffee bean is a complex biotechnological process. The process involves fermentation where microorganisms (yeast, bacteria and fungi) use the mucilage in the coffee cherry digest the carbohydrates and produce complex metabolites. These metabolites when roasted provide the wonderful aroma and taste of a cup of coffee.

"In this very special lot we took fresh coffee cherry from the Zilli and Sampieri families, pulped them carefully, and added a starter culture to the fermentation tank. We allowed the fermentation to extend about two to three times the normal fermentation while monitoring the pH and other indicators. Finally we washed the coffee and dried it. The secret behind our starter culture is that it changes the microbiological makeup of the fermentation to both encourage good flavor and discourage the negative flavor elements. Hence when evaluating our coffee we found that the extended submerged fermentation using a starter culture  enhanced the fruity and sweet attributes and reduced unfavorable volatiles, resulting in an improved aroma." 

The Blend: Classic + Modern

Sweet, heavy bodied, and complex coffee that is amazing with or without milk. This coffee is very forgiving, can be used with any brew method, and will be appreciated by all.