Nicaragua Jinotega

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12oz / 340g

We Taste: Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, Creamy

Washed Process - Medium Roast

Medium roast, creamy mouthfeel, low acidity with flavors reminiscent of Nutella. We will be blunt, this coffee is not going to win awards, it is not that fancy. What it is though is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s a great coffee and we sourced it and roast it without compromise on our ethics or quality. For those who are looking for this exact coffee, you have found it. For those scoffing at us for roasting anything besides super fruit forward Kenyans and floral Ethiopians, stop. We enjoy it, you are allowed to enjoy it too.

Through we do have an obvious preference for more fruit forward mind blowing coffees, sometimes you need a little break or reminder of what just plain ole good coffee is and that is exactly what we have here.