Nicaragua Gesha - La Bastilla

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10 oz (283g)

Flavor Notes: Orchid, Honey, Plum

Washed Process - Light Roast

La Bastilla Coffee Estates, nestled in Jinotega and surrounded by a natural reserve, operates with a commitment to environmental sustainability, evidenced by its Rainforest Alliance certification since 2003. The estate boasts micro-farms tailored to the unique microclimates of the area, ensuring each coffee variety reaches its full potential. With its own micro-mill, La Bastilla produces over 150 micro-lot coffees, demonstrating a blend of tradition and innovation.

The Geisha coffee variety, originally from Ethiopia, is noted for its exquisite flavor profile, featuring citrus, honeysuckle, and floral notes. Despite its challenges, including susceptibility to leaf rust and low yields, Geisha remains a sought-after variety for its unique and captivating flavors.