Mexico Natural Anaerobic - Nayarit

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10 oz (283g)

Flavor Notes: Raspberry, Strawberry, Lychee

Natural Anaerobic Process - Light Roast

A journey of two hours on a dirt road from Tepic leads to Cofradía de Chocolón, a quaint town surrounded by breathtaking ocean vistas and ancient coffee plantations nestled in the forest. Here, Bourbon and Caturra coffee trees thrive in the unique microclimate, producing coffee bursting with exotic tropical fruit flavors. This special coffee from northern Mexico offers roasters a unique and intricate flavor profile, due to the natural anaerobic process used. 

This coffee also celebrates the Los Huicholes, an indigenous group from Nayarit, renowned for their yarn paintings and beadwork. These art forms not only showcase the Huichol's rich traditions, visions, and stories but also ensure their cultural heritage continues to thrive. Our label pay homage to their art and culture, celebrating the people group and this beautiful region of Mexico.