Meridian - Mocha Java Blend

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12oz / 340g

We Taste: Blueberry, Molasses and Spice

Washed and Natural Process - Medium Roast

This blend is known in biz as the oldest coffee blend in history. You probably have heard of it before and seen it on the shelves of grocery stores, maybe you have had it from some other roaster even. This is our take on the Mocha Java blend, which is historically composed of Yemeni or Ethiopian natural processed coffees and coffee from the country of Indonesia, typically from the island Java. We broke a few traditions by using a natural coffee from Laos but we won’t lose any sleep over it. Laos is pretty similar to Java coffee, it is just an island away after all. 

The goal of any good Mocha Java blend is to have a mixed bag of fruit and spice with some prominent earthy notes to round the blend out. We chose to roast our Ethiopia to a darker medium roast which shifted the tropical fruit to more berry like aromas and some caramelization. This paired nicely with the Laos which is earthy, spicy, and has notes of blueberry, ginger, and molasses.

The combination is a fruit forward medium roast blend that has a lingering aftertaste and super heavy body. It will stand up to whatever combination of cream, milk, and sugar you throw at it but it is not going to be super dark like some other Mocha Java. We chose a lighter medium roast than other roasters for this blend to preserve as much fruit as we could so that this could truly be a Mocha Java blend for the specialty coffee world today. 

Worth trying for fans of more traditional Mocha Java blends and those of us who would normally skip past a medium roast blend.