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Third Wave Coffee

Meridian House Blend

Meridian House Blend

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12oz | 340g

Flavor Notes: Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Blueberry

Process: Natural

Roast Level: Medium

Introducing Meridian, our signature house blend. This is the coffee that starts our day at our café, used on drip and for our main espresso used in our larger milk drinks. 

At its core, Meridian marries the richness of Nicaraguan and Colombian natural process coffees, creating a seamless, multifaceted experience. The Nicaraguan beans lend a deep cocoa and fudge profile, serving as the sumptuous base, while the Colombian beams through with notes of blueberry and caramel, adding the nuanced high notes. The finishing touch is a subtle but unmistakable undertone of walnut and maple that adds a syrupy complexity to this extraordinary blend.

Meridian has been crafted to be as versatile as it is flavorful. The strength of this blend is uncompromising—delivering a syrupy and strong cup that's as good with milk as it is standing alone. Its sweet, layered tones enhance the flavor, making it ideal for any brewing method you prefer.


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