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Third Wave Coffee

Medium Espresso - Brazil Tropical Bahia

Medium Espresso - Brazil Tropical Bahia

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10oz | 283g

We Taste: Peach, Caramel, Blackberry

Process: Natural

Spro Parameters: 18g - 40g -  26 sec


Tropical Bahia is a coffee steeped in distinctive conditions, born in the high altitudes of Bahia, Brazil. These peaks present some of the most optimal coffee-growing conditions in the country, yet frequently face hurdles with drying due to elevated humidity and rainfall during the harvest and processing period. As an innovative solution, many producers transport their coffee cherries approximately 50km to the neighboring Caatinga biome, an area celebrated for its warmer, drier climate.

The journey is not simply a matter of transportation, but a critical part of the coffee's transformation. The cherries undergo a unique, closely monitored fermentation process within the confines of the transport truck. This exclusive process never exceeds a 24-hour period, but its impact on the cup profile is profound.

The result? This coffee bursts with a distinctive sweetness, reminiscent of sun-ripened peaches, juicy apricots, and the tart allure of blackberries. This flavor profile shines through with every sip, a testament to the dedication of the growers and the unique journey the beans undergo. Indulge in Tropical Bahia, a coffee that marries the challenges of nature with innovative processing, resulting in a truly memorable spro and drip coffee.

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