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  • Product Info

    We Taste: Chocolate, Strawberry, Toffee

    Coffee: Ethiopia Sidama Natural

    Process: Washed

    Brew Ratio: 16.6:1


    Classic Third Wave drip coffee. This is spot on what we want and think of when we think of drip. This is coffee coffee with a little fruit, nice sweetness, medium to heavy mouthfeel and stands up to cream just fine but tastes oh so good without.
    Stuff for Roast Nerds:
    We love Ethiopians at Third Wave (most featured origin!) and we have a lot of experience and profiles made for different styles of Ethiopian coffees. This roast profile is based on a fast start and slow finish profile. This allows us to build up pressure at the start and taper the energy off at the end of first crack. For a medium roast natural coffee we look for about 1:30-1:45 development time for filter and 1:45+ for espresso. We aimed for the lower end of dev time for this profile to retain more fruit notes, since this is a natural process and the strawberry note really pushes this coffee past the norm. Balance is key for medium drip, it has to do a lot of things well and this profile is a tried and true way of giving good body, keeping fruit notes, keeping acidity low, and adds a little more caramelization than our light profiles.