coffee with a purpose

Roasted in forest, va | since 2016

  • Product Info

    We Taste: Plum, Tropical, Milk Chocolate

    Coffee: Brazil Raimundo Martins

    Process: Natural

    Brew Ratio: 16.6:1

    Sweet, balanced, and subtle tropical fruits. This coffee is medium bodied, holds up to milk and sugar, and is best enjoyed black so you can appreciate the nuances and quality on display from Raimundo Martins.

    Matas de Minas coffee is characterised by quality craftsmanship, picking by hand and techniques developed by the region’s producers to produce an exceptionally high quality. The result is a diversity of nuances and flavours, contributing to the reason behind many prestigious national and international awards.

    From the farmer: “We bought a small farm and we started planting coffee, we gradually expanded the area. Me, my children and my grandchildren have always worked together and we are delighted to grow high-quality coffees, we are winners of various competitions in the region.”