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Fair trade isn't fair. our coffee is bought at prices 2-5x fair trade.

  • Product Info

    10oz | 283g

    We Taste: Peach, Jasmine, Black Tea

    Coffee: Ethiopia Gedeo Washed Fair Trade Organic

    Process: Washed

    Shot Parameters: 18g -> 40g in 30 seconds


    Washed grade 1 coffee from the birthplace of coffee. This coffee excels on espresso, you will find complexity, sweetness, and soft fruit acidity. We get shots with layers of chocolate, caramel, followed by waves of cherry, soft hints of citrus, and you will get notes of jasmine and bergamot with higher extraction levels. This coffee works with multiple styles of espresso, so you can feel free to change our suggested ratio from anywhere from 2-3 and get different but great tasting shots. 

    Stuff for Roast Nerds:
    Since this coffee is a grade 1 and was processed carefully with skill, we roast it to highlight the effort done before us. This means we stuck to a light roast for the most sweetness and origin characteristics. Since this is our main light espresso on bar and shelf we wanted to make sure we had enough development and body to work for people using it for small milk drinks and as a single origin shot of espresso. To keep some of the floral notes we played with development time and speed going into development to preserve what we found from the drip roast profile. What we landed on is a 11 minute espresso roast with right at 2 minutes of development and longer maillard / middle stage than our drip profile and they both end right at the same temp.