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Fair trade isn't fair. our coffee is bought at prices 2-5x fair trade.

  • Product Info

    10oz | 283g

    We Taste: Cherry & Jasmine Green Tea

    Coffee: Ethiopian Gedeo Fair Trade Organic (FTO)

    Process: Washed

    Brew Ratio: 17:1


    Washed grade 1 coffee from the birthplace of coffee. This coffee is sweet, floral, and layered with notes of cherry, peach, sweet tea, and jasmine. It is softly fruited, well rounded, and has a light to medium body.

    Stuff for Roast Nerds:
    Since this coffee is a grade 1 and was processed carefully with skill, we roast it to highlight the effort done before us. This means we stuck to a light roast for the most sweetness and origin characteristics. Since this is our main light drip profile we aimed for slightly longer mallard/middle phase to increase body and rounded the acidity down just a bit in development stage. This allows the cup to please more people and shifted the stonefruit flavors from bright apricot, to peach, and then to cherry (less citric acid, more malic acid). This roast is right at 10 minutes, has a declining rate of rise the whole way, and roasted with a fast start slow finish style.
    4.5 minute dry, 2.5 minute MAI, 2 minute dev.