Kenya Ndaro

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12oz (340g)

Washed Process - Light Roast

We Taste - Blackberry, Orange, Grape

V60 Ratio - 16.6:1 / 20g coffee to 332g water @ 205°

Aeropress 16g to 170g water @ 185° inverted, 2 min, stir three times 

Iced Aeropress - 32g coffee to 170g water @ 185°, inverted, 2 min, stir three times, cap, flip, press over 170g ice. 

Drip: 17:1 ratio / 58g per liter. 

The Ndaro-ini Factory has access to a fresh water spring that is a great supply of water for processing their fully washed coffees. The factory was built in 1984, before the cooperative itself was founded.

The farmers in this area have the benefit of climatic conditions that mean the cherry have an extended time to reach maturity and be fully developed, this helps assist in producing hard, dense beans.