Kenya Guama

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12oz (340g)

Washed Process - Light Roast

We Taste - Grape, Melon, Candy

New staff favorite! This Kenya is straight up delicious, no matter how you brew it. We really enjoy it as an iced Aeropress, on v60, plus we love it on batch brew. 

V60 Ratio - 16.6:1 / 20g coffee to 332g water @ 205°

Aeropress 16g to 170g water @ 185° inverted, 2 min, stir three times 

Iced Aeropress - 32g coffee to 170g water @ 185°, inverted, 2 min, stir three times, cap, flip, press over 170g ice. 

Drip: 17:1 ratio / 58g per liter. 

The Guama Factory is a member of the Baragwi Co-operative Society, this society is well known for its factories being some of those that consistently produce some of the great coffees of Kirinyaga.

The factory is named after the village of the area it is located, Guama Village and began processing coffee in 1974. This coffee comes from smallholder farmers in the surrounding area. The annual volume of cherry processed here is 750 tonnes, this is mostly SL 34 and SL 28.

The soil here is rich volcanic soil and sandy soil, the trees are flowering during February and April for the main harvest which is from October to December.