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Product image 1Keep Cup - Third Wave Coffee
Product image 2Keep Cup - Third Wave Coffee
Product image 3Keep Cup - Third Wave Coffee

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When we choose who we partner with, we search for people who have similar view points and companies that we can get behind. KeepCup is a company devoted to getting more people to use reusable coffee cups to help save our environment.  We have noticed the amount of waste in coffee being served daily and want to help it stop,, from KeepCup “there’s enough plastic in 20 single use paper cups and lids to make one small KeepCup.“

Our 12oz branded KeepCup is the perfect size, in our opinion, to start your day with an awesome pour over or perfectly dialed in batch brew. We spent lots of time finding the best brand to partner with that is devoted to the earth and saving it so you can just worry about what coffee to brew. 

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