Infinite Regress Raw Puer

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I drink the tea you drink I drink you drink the tea I drink we drink the tea the tea the tea.

We scored a small amount of slightly aged raw puer maocha (loose tea) from spring 2014, and pressed it in 2019.

It has been very cleanly stored by the farmer in Xishuangbanna, leaving a good amount of character development, but with no humid or off notes.

The tea itself is smooth, soft, and sweet, with a touch of underlying bitterness and a deceptive amount of strong body feeling. Some sweeter floral and slight fruity flavours are beginning to surface.

The material is from older trees in an excellent forest environment, and a less famous provenance keeps the price lower than teas from hyped areas. 

Each bag contains 25g of tea. We recommend 5g per tea session or 2.5g per cup of western style tea.