Honduras Marcelo Olvan

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12oz (340g)

Washed Process - Light Roast

We taste: Pineapple, Chocolate chip, Tangerine 

This coffee is really versatile, it is very well balanced and almost everyone will love it! It has good fruit but not too acidic, it is chocolately and sweet, and it can stand up to some cream.

V60 Ratio - 16 / 20g coffee to 320g water @ 205°

Aeropress 16g to 170g water @ 185° inverted, 2 min, stir three times 

Iced Aeropress - 32g coffee to 170g water @ 185°, inverted, 2 min, stir three times, cap, flip, press over 170g ice. 

Drip: 17:1 ratio / 58g per liter.