Guatemala Finca La Bolsa

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10 oz (283g)

Flavor Notes: Cherry, Butterscotch, Raspberry

Process: Washed

Roast Level: 1/4

Jimmy's Notes:

This coffee is from Huehuetenango in Guatemala. This region is special to me, our employees have visited Huehue twice before and we have cupped hundreds of coffees from this region of Guatemala. My love for Guatemalan coffees grew after traveling to origin and I know exactly what I am looking for with coffees from Huehue. This region produces coffee that is consistently sweet, crowd pleasing, and I have often found the caramelized sugar notes reminiscent of butterscotch and caramel. 

This coffee represents it's region beautifully with complexity, body, and lingering sweetness. The butterscotch note comes in heavy handed, and specifically reminds me of Werther's Originals. The coffee reveals increasing levels of fruit notes as the cup cools, I taste cherry, raspberry, and some apricot, the coffee is deeply fruited but not overly bright or acidic. 


Finca La Bolsa, situated in the serene hills of Huehuetenango, Guatemala, this coffee embodies decades of dedication and passion. Managed by the Vides family since 1958, this Rainforest Alliance-certified farm specializes in Bourbon and Caturra varietals that grow under a lush canopy of trees. Pioneered by Dr. Vides and now under the stewardship of his daughter and grandson, the farm has won accolades such as Guatemala's "Outstanding Coffee Grower" award. Each cup exudes a legacy of quality, showcasing notes of cherry, butterscotch, and plum.