El Salvador Monte Verde

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10 oz (283g)

Flavor Notes: Fruit Punch, Peach Rings, Honey

Washed Process - Light Roast

Cup Score: 88

Stoked to have our first El Salvador we have had all year, the Monte Verde natural, an exceptional coffee sourced directly from the high mountains of Santa Ana and meticulously profiled by our roasters. Scoring 88 on the cupping table, this coffee is a testament to the dedication of its producer, Rene Contreras, and his commitment to preserving both quality and tradition.

This particular coffee is harvested at Finca Monte Verde, which sits at an elevation of 1450M above sea level. The unique conditions at this height, combined with the Bourbon and Pacas varieties and the natural process, culminate in a coffee that is a fruit bomb bursting with bright and fermented fruit notes.

Each sip of this coffee has layers of fruit punch and peach rings brought together with the comforting sweetness of honey. It's explosion of fruit notes are certain to create an unforgettable coffee experience.