El Salvador Finca España

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12oz (340g)

Flavor Notes: Blueberry, Almond, Caramel

Washed Process - Medium Roast

Whether you are a fan of medium roasts or a diehard fan of light roasts that wants to try something different this coffee will exceed your expectations of a coffee that has developed sweetness and no compromises on quality.

Want to put a little milk in your coffee but still want to buy specialty coffee? Want to wake up to a coffee that is sweet and delicious but also have a coffee that isn’t going to melt your face with acidity? We got you boo! 

With flavor notes of syrupy blueberry, sweet caramel and a nutty almond finish, this El Salvador is a delicious treat for your tastebuds. Even you Kenya fan boys who want to always have the lightest and brightest coffees out there. It might not be the highest scoring coffee out there or have the delicate floral aroma of an Ethiopian but it is equally tasty and sure to convince you that medium roasts can still be specialty.