coffee with a purpose

Roasted in forest, va | since 2016

  • Product Info

    10 oz (283g)

    Flavor Notes: Berries & Honey

    Washed Process - Light Roast

    Cup Score: 87

    Variety: Blue Mountain

    Organic Certified

    Virunga Coffee Company was established in 2011 with the vision to “Change lives in DRC through commerce in a mutually profitable way by being a major coffee actor in Kivu.”
    Virunga Coffee aims to achieve this vision by improving the quality and yields for farmers in North and South Kivu, primarily through:
    - Developing and implementing field-based support activities
    - Introducing Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
    - Investing in processing infrastructure
    - Organising assured organic production in close collaboration with over 2,300 farmers (with a further 1,500 by June 2020)
    - Bringing an innovative spirit to the development of new products
    As well as providing a stable supply chain and specialty market access, Virunga is actively involved in a number of sustainability and social programs in farming communities. These include an extensive tree planting program, disease prevention outreach to tackle critical diseases such as Ebola and HIV and equipment to help farmers improve their agronomic practices.