Decaf Colombia Risaralda

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12oz (340g)

We Taste: Almond, Toffee, Cinnamon

Washed Process - Light Roast - Sugar Cane Decaf Process

Our current decaf option is from Colombia and is processed using the sugar cane or EA process. We have been incredibly impressed with the decaf coffees we have been finding recently and this is a perfect example of why we are so excited about the EA process. 

A lot of decaf coffees we have had and tasted from others has left us comparing it to normal coffee and wishing it was just regular coffee. I am not one who is affected greatly by caffeine so I don’t find myself grabbing a bag of decaf to brew that often, however this coffee is so good that I have made it even in the morning before as espresso just because I wanted to taste it. This is not the best coffee that we have had, or even the best coffee we have right now, IT IS however the best decaf coffee I have ever tasted in my life and it’s still better than A LOT of coffee out there. 

Acidity: Light

Body: Medium

Roast: Medium Light

Flavor: Almond and hazelnut up front, some caramelized sweetness that is reminiscent of toffee candy, and some cinnamon spice in the aftertaste (due to this style of decaffeination). 

Aroma: Cinnamon raisin bread with some chocolate present as well.