Dark Red - Black Tea - Whole 200g Cake

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Brain accelerant. Now in Red.

A decline in KUURACORP® worker productivity lead to an internal corporate audit survey, in which it was found that 11 in 10 KUURACORP® Employees stated they were "suffering from extended withdrawal symptoms from a lack of sun-dried Yunnan black tea.", with many stating "I miss the old hongcha" and "Bring back the old hongcha". To boost worker compliance morale, prompt development of a replacement for the subject of such desires, "Floating Point", was undertaken. KUURACORP® is now pleased to present this long-anticipated production, "Dark Red", so named after the colour of high-powered fluorescent lights sunlight shining through tightly closed eyelids.

Hand-processed, sun-dried black tea ("dian hong") from a pristine forested garden in southern Yunnan, pressed neatly for your hydration pleasure. 

The tea is thick, soft and smooth, with flavours that one could, if necessary, argue in a court of law are reminiscent of 'Berries, honey, and sweet flowers

Price is for a 200g cake of black tea. We recommend 5g per tea session or 2.5g per cup of western style tea. 

Imported from KUURA in Australia