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  • Product Info

    10oz | 283g

    We Taste: Cocoa, Graham, Almond

    Coffee: Mexico Veracruz

    Process: Extended Fermentation

    Brew Ratio: 16.6:1

    This strictly high-grown spot coffee from Huatusco has been put through an experimental extended fermentation process w/ starter culture. This lot was processed by experimental conditions with extended fermentation using specific starter cultures in submerged conditions. A control fermentation was run alongside using the traditional washed method with 12-15 hours in dry conditions. The lot is then washed and dried using mechanical dryers and then hulled using standard methods. After resting for 60 days the coffees were cupped blind by 14Q graders within Olam. With the same coffees, we ran aroma fingerprinting of volatile organic compounds using chromatographic techniques.

    Stuff for Roast Nerds:
    We developed a special dark roast profile just for this coffee. Because of its extended fermentation, we decided to do a slow start and fast finish. This gentle heat up front protects the coffee and allows us to gently build pressure up. We are also using lower airflow before first crack, similar to how we would roast a dark Brazilian coffee. Our end goal is to preserve as much aromatics and complexity as we can and end with enough speed to get us to second crack.