Colombia Tolima Luis & Edilson Duran

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Another Colombia lot from our friends at Cereza Coffee. This lot is bright and juicy, you can tell that there was a lot of effort put into this coffee. It is similar to a Kenyan coffee with its fresh fruit flavors and bright and very pleasant acidity. It’s a lively cup but not mouth turning, imagine putting sugar on grapefruit instead of just straight grapefruit flavor note you might expect from a Kenyan lot. 

 Duran is a founding member of Asopap. Coffee is a family tradition for Luis. His son, Edilson Duran is a young leader in the coffee industry and is the administrator of Asopap. Edilson tracks all coffee produced by the members of Asopap and maintains meticulous records to provide insights into statistics, traceability, and data driven innovation. Edilson is a valuable partner, and along with coffee, he loves working with bees and produces delicious honey! Together Luis and Edilson have started producing micro-lots and experimenting with innovative processing techniques and prolonged fermentations. This micro-lot is a great example.


This micro-lot was fermented for approximately 60 hours in cherry and then for an additional 24 hours after being de-pulped. It was washed lightly and then dried slowly for 30 days.