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Roasted in forest, va | since 2016

  • Product Info

    Instant Coffee - Makes 5 Cups

    Each packet makes up to a 12oz serving. If you are using water we recommend 8oz for a stronger americano experience or 10-12oz for your typical pour-over/drip strength (1.2-1.4 TDS).

    Coffee Details:

    Flavor Notes: Strawberry, Cherry, Peach

    Natural Process - Light Roast

    Cup Score: 88 

    It's back baby! This year's lot is sweeter and more fruit-forward than ever before. This year we bought two of the natural coffees from Rodrigo. This lot, the caturra, is the one we have bought for 4 years in a row now, we roasted this year's caturra slightly lighter to emphasize the increased sweetness we found in the cup. This yielded a less developed coffee than before but it is still in the light to medium roast area for us and have less acidity than the castillo natural from Rodrigo.

    Suggested Uses:

    • Travel - Take a box and all you need is some water or milk - hot or cold and you have Third Wave. Most coffee shops will give you a free cup of hot water, this works especially well in airports.
    • Hiking - Reward yourself with a fresh cup of coffee. Bring some hot water in a thermos or mix with iced water and shake if you're more into iced americanos.
    • Lattes - No espresso machine/grinder required! Just add the milk of your choice and make your own latte at home. Since it is freeze-dried espresso, rehydrating with milk will make a latte that even my three-year-old daughter can make it.
    • Get Creative - add it to some ice cream, smoothies, oatmeal, brownies, etc. A lot of recipes call for instant coffee, instead of using nasty cheap instant with lots of fillers, use some single-origin specialty coffee to blow your tastebuds away.