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Third Wave Coffee

Colombia Juicy Grape

Colombia Juicy Grape

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6oz | 170g

We Taste: Intense Grape, Baker's Chocolate

Roast Level: 2 out of 5

Process: Anaerobic Infused with Fruit

This coffee undergoes a meticulous processing method that involves a 24-hour pre-fermentation in a plastic bag, followed by an additional 24 hours of aerobic fermentation within the cherry. Next, the cherry is depulped and the beans are fermented with dehydrated and ground fruits for 5 days in an anaerobic tank to enhance their flavor concentration. Finally, the beans are mechanically dried for 10 days with a 5-day stall period to promote greater flavor retention. The result is a coffee with a rich and distinctive flavor profile.

From the producer:

Hi, my name is Brayan, I was born here in Acevedo, a municipality in Huila, Colombia, specifically in San Odolfo, a rural coffee-growing area and one of the areas that produce the most coffee.

Here it is a custom to be taught all the virtues and knowledge that the land gives us, giving us the tools to be able to work in the future, since I was 13 years old my father after school took me to know everything about coffee, which years later made me understand that it was what I am passionate about and wanted to do when I grew up. 

This year I managed to create a project with more than 60 coffee growers including my family, who collect and sell their coffee at a better price in cherry, being strong work because we do the collection in places that people would not even imagine the challenge that it takes, but later I will show you some of that. 

To finish after that together with forest and the Ancla milling station, we process them, giving added value and achieving unique profiles that I want you to try soon, since one of my dreams is that the coffee of San Adolfo Huila reaches the whole world.

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