coffee with a purpose

Roasted in forest, va | since 2016

  • Product Info

    10 oz (283g)

    Flavor Notes: Passionfruit, Pink Lemonade, Plum

    Process: Washed

    Roast Level: Medium

    Fair Trade Organic Certified

    Cup Score: 88

    Before producing coffee, Asopap was a panela association. Panela is the rawest form of sugar, so the now coffee producers previously grew sugar cane, extracted the juice, and processed it into solid blocks of pure sweetness. Perhaps fortuitous, perhaps a coincidence, today their sweet coffees pay homage to the groups past. In 2019 we launched an exciting micro-lot proiect based on lot separation, traceability, and implementing controlled processing and drying parameters.

    Asopap coffee is delicious and 100% Organic! Their farms are high altitude, fertile volcanic soil, and the varieties of coffee are mostly rare heirloom varieties known for great taste.