Brazil Sitio Sertaozinho

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8.8 oz (250g)

We Taste: Banana, Mango, Tropical Candy, Deliciousness

Roast Level: Light 


This is the best Brazil we have ever tasted! No joke, this coffee is scoring higher than any other coffee we have. If you have ever had one of those coffees that remind you of why you got into specialty coffee, this is that coffee.

Super tasty coffees like this are hard to find and we are actually the only coffee roaster in the USA that currently has this lot. This is a super micro lot that got 2nd place in Brazil, showing that it's one of the best coffees produced this year in the whole country. 


Sitio Sertãozinho, owned by Mr. Paulo Ribeiro Rocha and Mr. Elson Benedito Daniel, is located in the city of Cristina, in the south of Minas Gerais. The property, acquired in inheritance from his parents, began coffee cultivation 40 years ago.

Mr. Paulo Ribeiro Rocha and Mr. Elson Benedito Daniel, are dedicated to growing coffee sustainably, preserving the environment. The farm has reserves for preserving springs and native forests, which shelter large plant species and several wild animals. In the area, it is usual to see such species as the maned wolf, armadillo, tamarin, guan, saffron finch, and hawk, among others.