2019 ‘DISSOLVER’ Raw Puer - 25g

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'Dissolver' is a raw puer blended from material across several areas of Yunnan province, China.

Probably our most balanced sheng (raw puer) of 2019. Not overly pulled in one direction, the tea starts soft and with an emphasis on thick and smooth mouthfeel. Rising bitterness and complexity through middle steeps give way to an increasingly sweet and oily aftertaste in the late steeps. Lots going on, and this tea represents some of the best value high-quality material we collected from some of our favourite areas. Put together as something greater than the sum of the component parts by themselves. Good body feels, nice and floaty

This tea features lip tattoos of KUURA (the company we get most of our teas from). One of our baristas got their company name tattooed on his lip for one tea cake of DISSOLVER. It’s that good.

Each bag contains 25g of tea. We recommend only brewing this tea in a Gaiwan and using 5g per session.