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    Spiced Caturron


    This coffee is limited. This coffee is insane. Loads of cinnamon and sweetness. Genuinely a mouthwatering experience. If cinnamon toast crunch was coffee, this would be it.

    We got this coffee from Forest Coffee Importers. They worked with El Vergel estate to come up with this experimental processed gem of a coffee. They add cinnamon aromatics to the fermentation tank and the coffee absorbs some of the volatile aromatics during the 144 hour anaerobic fermentation. They mix the coffee every 12 hours, then after the fermentation is complete the coffee goes through a slow 6 day drying process below 104 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    The experiment was an insane success. This coffee plays tricks on your mind, its not flavored (technically) but it has the aromatics of cinnamon so you get a very sweet spiced coffee that really is next level. This is a cup to be savored and will do best with very little sugar or cream but if you insist, it will stand up to it (low acidity, not bright or fruity but a light roast).

    We never have had a coffee like this. The cost is due to the nature of this processing and level of care poured in and also the quality that they got from their efforts. If you liked our anaerobic but wish it had even more powerful cinnamon notes, you got your wish thanks to Forest Coffee and the passionate producers they work with.