Rwanda Nyakabingo

Product image 1Rwanda Nyakabingo - Third Wave Coffee
Product image 2Rwanda Nyakabingo - Third Wave Coffee

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12oz / 340g

We Taste: Hibiscus, Pear, Raisin

Cultivar: Bourbon

1,720 to 1,950 metres above sea level

The farmers who deliver their cherry to Nyakabingo have many different options for a washing station partner. Nyakabingo has very high quality standards, but in order to be competitive, they must accept nearly all cherry delivered. Hence, an important selection task has to be carried out by the washing station staff in order to produce the best coffees. 

When producers deliver their cherry at Nyakabingo, the washing station staff selects the best cherries and removes any underripe cherries through flotation. Nyakabingo has sorting tables and a trained staff solely to ensure that the station uses only the best quality cherry. 

After sorting, the cherries pass through the depulper and mucilage removal machine. With part of the mucilage still intact, the coffee undergoes a 12-18 hour fermentation in concrete tanks to break down the mucilage fruit. Fermentation time depends on the weather conditions. 

Following fermentation, the beans pass through a washing and grading channel. As the beans flow through, wooden bars that are laid across the canal prevent beans of specific densities from passing through. These bars are spaced across the channel. While the first blockade stops the most-dense beans, the next is arranged to stop the second most-dense beans and so on. In total, the process separates the parchment into five different grades. Only the heaviest beans are selected for microlot production. 

After washing and grading, the coffee is delivered to dry on raised beds. Grades and day lots are kept separate in order to preserve quality and traceability. Coffee is sorted again to remove any damaged or suspect beans and is turned regularly to ensure even drying.  


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