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    10oz | 283g

    We Taste: Chocolate, Cinnamon, Apricot

    Coffee: Congo Usamani

    Process: Washed

    Spro Parameters: 18g - 38g - 28 sec

    Fair Trade Organic Certified


    This is our house espresso. Medium espresso is our most used coffee in our shop, we use it for all milk drinks larger than a cappuccino. Our current chosen coffee is washed Congo Usamani. This coffee pulled 2:1 has huge mouthfeel, deep sweetness, and pairs perfectly with milk but also is fantastic on its own for those looking for classic specialty spro. When we think espresso, this is what comes to mind. 
    Stuff for Roast Nerds:
    This is the reason we switched away from blends.  We previously had Trifecta house espresso (RIP) and the downfall of espresso blends is trying to mesh 2-3 coffees together that probably need to be roasted to different levels on completely different profiles. So we tried post-roast blending to combat this issue, but then you have coffee extracting at different rates, the darker/more developed a coffee the easier to extract, so pairing even slightly different roast styles and levels will make each component better on its own but yield a mixed shot of under and over extracting particles which gives sour acidity and bitterness to correctly extracting shots. 
    For years we just rolled with pre-roast blending and thought that was the best we could do but we decided to follow in the steps of Tim Wendelboe and do single origin coffees for house espresso and drip. This lets each coffee shine on its own, allows us to buy more direct trade, relationship, and missional coffees, and feature more single estate coffees. This directly lines up with our vision and this roast profile is a tribute to what we want from a good medium roast single-origin espresso to be. This is roasted like a washed Congolese coffee should be, not as gentle as we have previously roasted our espresso because of the Brazilian base in our old Trifecta blend. This roast is 11 minutes long, 2 minutes of development time, and has a gentle first crack that we let finish out before stopping as our RoR stops rising about 5 degrees shy of second crack.