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We Taste: Orange Juice, Orange Zest, Jasmine, Tangerine
Process: Experimental - Orange Juice Processed
From Long Miles Coffee Project:


The coffee you are looking at comes from an experimental lot produced at our Bukeye washing station. A blend of coffee cherries from our neighbouring hills of Munyinya and Ningawere used to create this unique lot.

200 oranges were sourced from a fruit vendor at the local fresh produce market in Bukeye centre. Cut into halves, the oranges were hand-squeezed to produce 5 litres of juice. The orange juice was left in a bucket to ferment slightly while 5 tons of ripe cherries were pulped in our trusty McKinnon.

After pulping, the orange juice was poured together with the parchment into the fermentation tank. Before leaving the parchment to ferment for 18 hours, the tanks were covered with a plastic tarp to minimize the presence of oxygen. How did we know when it was done? When the parchment reached a pH level of 4.3. We also scooped parchment from the tank by handful, to measure if the mucilage had come loose and separated from it. When it was thick and clung to our fingers in all its sticky glory, it was time for the parchment to come out of the tanks.   

The parchment was graded and rinsed in clean water in the rinsing channels to increase the density, quality and cleanliness of the beans before soaking for 4-6 hours, pre-dried for 2-3 days, hand-picked for defects and then left to slow dry on raised drying beds for 15-21 days.

We loved creating these coffees! Our team has learnt a lot from this experiment, and we will keep experimenting to keep pushing the potential of Burundi coffee forward.

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