Guatemala El Limonar

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12oz (340g)

Flavor Notes: Strawberry, Apple Crisp

Washed Process - Medium Roast

We finally have brought back El Limonar! For those who have been fans for a while and remember us visiting this farm, you might want to read the story at the end to figure out why we haven’t had Jose Martinez’s coffee in over a year and a half.

Coffee from Guatemala is considered as one of the most flavorsome cups in the world, and with so many different growing regions these coffees vary throughout the country both in their cup quality & potential. German immigrants introduced coffee to Guatemala in the 19th century and since then, coffee has become a major industry with nearly one-quarter of the population involved in production.

El Limonar has been part of the family of José Bernabé Martinez since 1980 when the estate was inherited by his mother Mrs. Faustina Ramos Martínez. Traditionally used for corn and bean production the estate has been found to be endowed with highly suitable altitude, soil and climatic conditions for coffee production.

On our second trip to Guatemala, we visited some farms that we had been buying from for a few years, El Limonar and Colmenita. We loved being able to meet the farmers, establish a relationship, and the goal was to keep supporting them and visiting them every year. We brought back coffee to Jose Martinez and it was the first time he had ever had his own coffee. He was in tears and we decided that we had to do that every time, with every farmer we buy from and visit.

Unfortunately there was some issues revealed to us about the importer we were buying from and we had to cut ties but we had no other way of buying their coffee. Then we get an email out of the blue from a different importer who happened to have both farms coffees available. We still don’t know if this means that we can go back to Guatemala and visit their farms again, but it gives us hope and some closure.