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12oz / 340g

We Taste: Cinnamon, Praline, Orange

Light Roast Fall Blend

Costa Rica Anaerobic + Brazil Serrado + Peru Cajamarca

This is a light roast with a roast style closely related to Nordic coffee. It tastes like some of our favorite things of fall. It is a light roast but is not super acidic or bright. Think of it as a sweet balanced coffee that has a light/medium body, high sweetness, and fresh fruit acidity. 

We set out this year to create a fall blend like no other. Our goal was to create a blend that tasted like fall on a Nordic-style roast profile. This means a light roast that is quicker and has high airflow. This particular blend is roasted on a profile inspired by Tim Wendelbro's roast style. We took the basic profiling Tim uses for all his coffees, applied it to our coffee, and used his ideas on how to roast Brazilian coffee (which he learned from a highly regarded Brazilian roaster) to balance the blend out and keep the flavors intact and working together.