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Fair trade isn't fair. our coffee is bought at prices 2-5x fair trade.

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    10oz (340g)

    Flavor Notes: Jasmine, Black Tea, Peach

    Washed Process - Light

    Varietals - Wolishalo, Kurume, Dega


    A fair trade organic lot from the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia. This coffee is a quintessential representation of washed coffee from Yirgacheffe. It is very floral, delicate, sweet, and has stone fruit notes of peach and apricot as the cup cools. 

    We roast it gently to develop it's sweetness and preserve the hard work and quality the producers were able to achieve. You'll find flavors of jasmine, apricot, peach, toffee, lime, and black tea. We find it has lingering sweetness, light body, and a fresh fruit acidity. 

    We recommend brewing this coffee with our Aeropress recipe or your standard pour-over method using a ratio above 16:1.