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  • Product Info

    10oz | 283g

    We Taste: Black Forest Cake

    Coffee: Ethiopia Sidama

    Process: Natural

    Spro Parameters: 18.5g - 37g - 28 sec

    This coffee is bittersweet, heavy, chocolatey and with some cherry notes with higher extraction shots. For those who like natural process coffees but want the heft and punch a true dark roast brings, this is for you.

    We got this lot from our good friends at Keffa. This Sidama is not as flashy as our Ardi but it has plenty of character. This Sidama is a gr4 natural, it isn't as clean or fruit forward as our usual grade 1's but for a dark roast natural, that isn't nearly as important. In order to make this coffee shine, we hand sort each roast to eliminate any defects that might have made your cup a little less sweet.

    Stuff for Roast Nerds:
    We developed a special dark roast profile just for this coffee. We took our Ethiopia Ardi profile as a base but instead of decreasing gas to 1" WC we kept the gas at 4". This change allows the roast to maintain it's RoR and hit a dark roast level past second crack. This is the first time we have ever taken an Ethiopian natural this dark or even to second crack, in order to preserve the fermented fruit notes we maintained a relatively short development time with a speed that tapers off right after SC.