Costa Rica Finca Los Naranjos

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12oz / 340g

We Taste: Strawberry, Orange, Plum, Honey

Natural Process - Light Roast

This is an SHB EP Black Honey process microlot from Finca Los Naranjos in the Chirripó micro-region of southern Costa Rica.

Finca Los Naranjos is a 10ha farm owned and operated by Jeison Hidalgo and his family near the village of La Piedra in the micro-region of Chirripó. This Red Catuai microlot is grown at altitudes of 1,700masl. During the first years of the farm, coffee was combined with tomato production while the coffee trees matured. The Hidalgo family has been developing as coffee growers ever since, putting lots of energy into the farm and focussing above all on quality. The coffee is processed at the local Café Rivense del Chirripó micromill.

Café Rivense del Chirripó is a family micromill founded by Régulo Ureña and Isabel Rojas in 2005. During their formative years, the family had to fight hard with many challenges: low international prices, lack of information on processing coffee, and financing for coffee projects. To set up this project in a region not known for specialty coffee had their neighbors predicting that they would fail. However through perseverance, faith in the project, and lots of hard work the Ureña Rojas family continue through a long road to be recognized as specialty coffee producers.

It’s fair to say their dedication and hard work paid off. In 2019 one of their microlots placed 5th in the Cup of Excellence; the first from the Brunca region to place in the COE top ten.