Costa Rica Del Fuego Anaerobic

Product image 1Costa Rica Del Fuego Anaerobic - Third Wave Coffee
Product image 2Costa Rica Del Fuego Anaerobic - Third Wave Coffee

Regular price $20.00

12oz / 340g

We Taste: Apple Pie & Cinnamon

Cultivars: Caturra

This is our second year featuring this anaerobic process Costa Rica and this is the only coffee we preorder from the farm without tasting the coffee first. We knew that it was going to be something special again and theres only a small amount made each year due to the time consuming, labor intensive processing method. 

The anaerobic process is done by taking green coffee and placing it with it’s mucilage in a fermentation tank and sealing it off without oxygen. It takes care and skill to be able to manage this fermentation process to yield results consistently like Luis Eduardo does year after year. 

Anaerobic process coffees have taken the specialty industry by storm with their cinnamon spice notes and malic acid that renders a flavor very reminiscent of apple pies and baked goods with caramelized sweetness and warming spice. We have been a huge fan of this process when it is done right and this is the pinnacle of what we have found out there.  

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