Colombia Rodrigo Natural

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12oz (340g)

Flavor Notes: Blueberry, Tropical, Chocolate

Natural Process - Light Roast

This micro-lot is from one of our favorite producers Rodrigo Pelaez. If you have been a fan of us for a while, you probably have seen or tried this coffee from previous years. This is one of the most exciting coffees each year and we are so excited to say that this year's lot is better than ever before!

We get a cleaner cup than previous years with less ferment but lots of fruit exploding in the cup as it cools. This is one of the sweetest coffees we have ever tasted and it is way too easy to drink the whole cup without realizing it's gone. 

We also bought the washed version of this coffee, so if you want to see the difference in processing, check out that coffee as well.