Brazil Leda Terenzinha

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This is a limited edition Cafe Delas coffee fromproducer Leda Terezinha at Fazenda Nova Esperanca.

Grown at 1250 masl, this is a semi-washed coffee of the Yellow Catuai varietal.

This is the story of the farm, Nova Esperanca. Their story is heartwarming and we just wanted to share it with all of you.

It all started in 1996. At that time we were approached by a mother to help her found a support group here in St. Helena for families and young people with chemical dependency. We accept the challenge! We founded Grupo Amor-Exigente - a support group for parents and young people, aimed at preventing and recovering from chemical dependency and alcoholism.

With the group already functioning and serving several families, our Bishop, the late Dom Miguel Pedro Mundo, wanted more... He wanted to build a recovery farm, where drug addicts and alcoholics would work in the rescue of their moral, spiritual and social values . - A new challenge!

Dom Miguel was aware that the responsibility for solving the drug and alcohol problem was not (and is not) just the Government, but the entire organized society, so he mobilized the entire community and founded it in Santa Helena de Goiás, to Associação Nova Esperança, a Therapeutic Community aimed at recovering drug addicts and alcoholics from any part of the country, regardless of their political, religious or socio-economic level.

The project was set up 15 years ago, on a farm with an area of ​​5.5 alqueires, donated by Mr. José Alves Martins (Zezão) and his family... And the dream came true!
We built the Nova Esperança Therapeutic Center. We started with 12 vacancies, increased to 24 and in 2008 we expanded to 50 vacancies. Our work philosophy is based on Labor Therapy, Psychotherapy and Spirituality and we also rely on the 12 Steps of AA and NA, 12 Steps for the Christian and 12 Principles of Demanding Love.
The recovery of our young people is centered on the formation of a new man, offering them conditions to remain sober, maintaining a dignified life, reintegrating themselves into society and family.