Costa Rica Anaerobic

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10 oz (283g)

Flavor Notes: Cinnamon, Marzipan, Cherry

Anaerobic Process - Light Roast

If you have been a fan for a while, you know this coffee well and it needs no introduction. I had to bring back this cinnamon bomb from Costa Rica. It has all the fun notes that made it a sell out classic year after year.

Our Anaerobic Cordillera de Fuego comes from producer Luis Eduardo Campos, a Costa Rican coffee farmer who is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve his coffee production. The unique flavor profile and the singular cinnamon notes of this coffee can be attributed to Luis’s mastery of the anaerobic processing method.

The Anaerobic process begins with handpicked, mature coffee cherries that have a Brix degree (a measurement of sugar content) near 26. The coffee is depulped and placed in stainless steel tanks with all its mucilage. As the fermentation begins, oxygen decreases and the carbon dioxide increases causing pressure to build up in the tank. The coffee develops in a unique mix of lactic acid and malic acid, which contributes to the complex cup profile. Once ready, the coffee is 100% sun dried.