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VERBSPACE: Allegedly Serving Third-Wave Coffee

Posted on July 07 2021, By: Kirkland Gee

Fuel Your Workday with Local Coffee

Third Wave is super excited to announce a new partnership with soon-to-open Verbspace here in Lynchburg. They're Lynchburg's newest coworking space, offering a productive, quiet environment to get work done (and drink our coffee). They're opening on August 1!

To kickoff this new collaboration, we're going to let them take it from here:


Verbspace Members Get Free Coffee All the Time

As part of your Verbspace membership, you'll get access to delicious coffee on drip at any time. Our SCAA-certified brewer is available for every member of the space to use, and newcomers can always get instructions on how to use it, along with our grinder and kettle. 

Espresso? You Bet!

For special events and some weekends, Verbspace has its own La Marzocco Linea Mini espresso machine, a powerful little contraption that was previously used by our partners at Third Wave Coffee. If you’re interested in having espresso-based drinks at a private event at Verbspace, make sure to contact us

Verbspace + Third Wave Coffee

When Verbspace was first dreamed up, we knew we would need a top-notch source for all of our members’ caffeine needs. It was a no-brainer to partner with Third Wave Coffee, our favorite shop in Lynchburg. Third Wave boasts an impressive roster of single-origin coffees from a variety of parts of the world, all of which are roasted in-house. 

We love Third Wave for more than just their coffee. They’re a passionate team who, like us, love to bring others together for the sake of something great. Plus, coffee and productivity go together like Scoob and Shaggy.

Through our partnership with Third Wave, we offer a rotation of curated drip coffee options, which get switched up from month to month. The shop specializes in fruit-forward, complex flavor profiles, but there’s something for every coffee drinker. 

Not a Coffee Fan? Not a Problem. (For us, anyways)

In addition to offering specialty coffee, we also keep plenty of other snacks and drinks available for our members. If you want us to keep something specific stocked up, make sure to let us know! We’ll hook you up.