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Third Wave Coffee

The Best Way To Improve Your Coffee

Posted on March 05 2018, By: Jimmy Thomas

Third Wave Coffee

Want to brew better coffee? Here are some helpful tips and ratios that will go a long way in helping your coffee game.


  • A scale that measures in grams 
  • A kettle 
  • A grinder
  • Freshly roasted coffee 


One of the most important things you will need to know in order to do a manual pour over is how much coffee and water to use. This ratio of coffee to water is important and will change how strong your coffee is and how high of an extraction you get from your coffee. This works no matter what brew method you choose, everything from v60 to Chemex or even a drip coffee brewer.

Our favorite ratios are going to land between a 15.5:1 to 16.6:1 ratio. These ratios mentioned are grams of water to grams of coffee. So to figure out how much water to use weigh out your coffee and multiply it by 16 (25g of coffee x 16 = 400g of water). 

Try a couple of the following recipes for a pour over using the ratios we mentioned above: 

  • Chemex: 40g of coffee to 620g water - 15.5g ratio
  • V60 or Kalitta: 25g of coffee to 400g water - 16g ratio
  • V60: 18g of coffee to 300g water - 16.66g ratio

Want to increase the acidity and fruit notes of a coffee? Then try going with a higher ratio, like 16.6. This is the highest ratio that we recommend, going further will eventually over extract the coffee and you will start tasting bitterness. 

We believe that a coffee tastes best right below that point where over extraction occurs. Starting with a new coffee, try your typical grind size and favorite brew method with a 16 or 16.6 ratio. If it tastes pretty good but you think you can get more, grind finer! This will increase the number of particles the coffee beans are broken down to and expose more surface area to your water. Plus it also will increase the amount of time it takes for all of the water to go through your coffee bed. Keep grinding finer till your results stop improving and your coffee tastes bitter, then change your grind setting one step back. This is probably where the sweet spot is for that coffee. 

Want to increase the strength of your coffee? Go with a ratio of 15.5 and do the steps from the paragraph above. Now you will have a high extraction with a high strength. We know that not all coffee will taste best at every extraction level, so make sure to find what you like best and what works best for your gear.