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This brew guide is our recommendation to brew fantastic coffee with your Aeropress and some Third Wave Coffee. You can find us using this same recipe at the shop every day, which is good news for you because we know this recipe will make some killer coffee with our current offerings!

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Want to brew better coffee? Here are some helpful tips and ratios that will go a long way in helping your coffee game.

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Even with the highest quality coffee, you can't have delicious coffee without brewing it the right way. Luckily we are here to help with some basic guidelines to help get you started!  This is our guideline for one cup of coffee. It can be used for most brew methods and can be scaled up.  Coffee - 20 grams / 3 heaping tablespoons Temperature - 204 degrees / pull water off a boil and wait 30 seconds. Water Volume - 280 grams / 10 oz

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